Assignements we do at Syntra – part 1

The previous time I told you about Syntra. Now the first part of the course is done and I want to show you my work. It’s all about the techniques so there is no story behind it. It’s all about learning how to make jewels. That’s nice.

In my opinion a jewel has to be portable! I like it when a piece tells a story or when it has value. I want to create jewels that are possible to wear for everyone. That’s my motivation!

My work: We made this bracelet, a sphere, a ring, a few saw exercises and a few file exercises.

DSC_0235 DSC_0237 DSC_0242 We had to make two pendants. I made a feather and I designed something myself (at the left) So nice to do!DSC_0243 DSC_0251

I also made a few rings myself. Really simple but I think they are great. They are all made out of silver so they will last for a long time! I will show them to you later. An extra project we did was making a ring with lost wax technique. It was the first time for me and I enjoyed it very much. The material is easy to work with. But you need to be careful because it works fast. I made a piece inspired by a gift I got for my 18 birthday. It’s a ring with leaves. I wore the ring a lot but It’s broken and I wanted to make it again! This technique was perfect for that. It’s the first time I have ever done it, I think it’s a good piece.


This is the silver model right after it was cast. When the final result is ready I will show it to you.

❀ Flo


My course at Syntra

It has been a long time sines I wrote another blog post. I had to take exams at school. I will make it up to you now. We had an evaluation of our practical work and a few theoretical exams. My results were great! I’m really happy!

I’m following a technique course, I’m learning how to make jewels. I’m positive about it! I’m where I want to be and I’m learning so much. The course is intensive but I enjoy it. I would like to tell you all about it because I think it’s something to recommend! I get a lot of questions about it. I’m following this course at Syntra a school in Antwerp.

The course is named “Jeweller and goldsmith” We make classic jewels. It’s all about the techniques! The class consists of four parts. In part one you learn to saw, drill and file. Everything you have to know about the basics.

Part two is about soldering, melting, polishing. In part three we will learn how to make castings and rings. In part four we learn how to make a bracelet and we design a jewel of our own. I’m exited about the parts that still to come.

For every part we have a different teacher. The first teacher was great! She taught us everything she knows. She was always helping and making comments. I think that’s how you learn it. You can hear it. I’m happy I decided to follow this course and I would recommend it to everyone who is motivated to learn the skills! You can take the course in Belgium (more information here)

❀ Flo 20141117_210231 20141117_210352 20141117_210607The atelier :)

Lulu frost – Transcend

Lulu Frost I hope you remember that name? You should!
One of my first, I think even my first blog post was about Lulu Frost. Lisa Salzer is the founder of this amazing brand! I love it so much. It’s such an inspiration source. This is their vision, click on play and see!

They now have a new collection. Their Fall/Winter 2014 transcend collection. They describe it as: “Our Fall/Winter 2014 TRANSCEND collection plays with the theme of clairvoyance, featuring moody combinations of black and navy gemstones, glass pearl globes encaged in black metal settings, and jewel-encrusted sunburst and wing motifs that give an impression of lightness and taking flight.”






I think it’s great! It has style, its vintage, its classy and unique. My favorite piece are these earrings



❀ Flo

Pictures are from the official site Lulu Frost.

Reading material


This is the third post about books. I like to write about this subject. Previous year at the Academy of fine arts I followed the course jewellery history. Because I’m not on that school anymore, I don’t have this course anymore. I think it’s a pity because I liked it very much. I was so motivated to learn and hear all about the history of jewels. I think it’s fascinating.

It’s special what they could already do so many years ago! Because I’m interested in the history I’m looking for good books about that subject. In Flemish it is hard to find but in English there are a lot.

This summer holiday I went to London with a friend of mine. (I wrote about it here) She took me to the Victoria and Albert museum. The museum of art and design. It’s a treasure! They have a collection of jewels, so beautiful. A collection that tells you all about the history of jewels. The collection has pieces from ancient times until now. They have over 3,000 jewels! Jewels with a lot of different textures, materials, sizes, meanings, story’s, makers…We where in there for more than a few hours and it’s not that big.

Afterwards I had to buy the book. The name of the book is jewels & jewellery by Clare Phillips. This is the book I want to share with you today! It has all the information and is illustrated with clear pictures. I’m reading it now and it gives you a good overview

If you want to know more about the history this what I recommend!

❀ Flo

DSC_0243 DSC_0239 DSC_0238