“Energy Addicts” – Naomi Kishner

It’s everywhere on my facebook page, in the magazines and on blogs. I’m speaking about the jewellery pieces from Naomi Kishner.
You probably will have seen it and if you haven’t I will show it to you now. These are tree spectacular pieces for the body. I never saw something like this before!

The collection with the name “Energy Addicts” exists out of the tree pieces for the body. One for the head named “The Blinker” one for the under arm named “ The Blood Bridge” and one for the upper part of your back with the name “ The E-Pulse Conductor”

The pieces have a beautiful and unique design. I like the design’s so much! Well made, original and it has something extraterrestrial I think. The idea of the pieces is to take energy out of the veins. Because the energy in the world becomes fewer and we could take the energy out of our own body.

I think it’s a little bit creepy but it’s a interesting thought.
It’s original!

❀ Flo

Chanel – A childhood memorie

Chanel F14 Candy necklace Look what a friend sent me! Chanel made a really special necklace for this winter collection. You will recognize it immediately from you childhood. It’s a necklace made out of candy. THE candy necklace from when you were younger! I think it’s a great idea. I like it! It’s so original to take such a nice memorie and make it into a jewel. It is something so pretty. I think it looks great!!


❀ Flochanel-snoepketting Wordt-dit-een-Chanel-hit-die-je-ook-bij-de-snoepwinkel-kunt-kopen_img400 pictures here and here

Muhjo – A new shop in Antwerp!!

Wednesday the first of October the Muhjo shop opened. I saw the announcement on facebook and wanted to go! So previous Tuesday I went with a friend to see what they had to offer.


The shop is on a great location right in the centre of Antwerp. The two jewellery designers Hanne Schoofs and Stijn Van Der Auwera are the owners and started the shop. The space contains large white walls. The presentation is clean and simple but in a great way. They work with transparent boxes and a very clean presentation so that you can see everything really clear. It shows a good overview.

They sell their own jewellery and also jewels from other designers. There is a lot to see. A lot of different styles and materials. You need to take your time because everything is so special and worthy to see.

I bought a piece from Sofie Boons. A bracelet made out of porcelain with two blue flowers. It’s gorgeous, I really like it, It was love at first sight! The material that it’s made of is very strong. You wouldn’t expect that.

This is a new and very nice way to shop and to get to know new designs and designers. They are really friendly there and they help you with everything. I think a gift certificate from that particular shop is a great present. Go and check it out!

❀ Flo

DSC_0190 DSC_0194_2  DSC_0204 DSC_0206 DSC_0198

I took the pictures my self

What’s Next – Personal update

My blog is a year old now, a little bit older. It’s nice to say that it’s a little bit weird, but nice. I want to make my blog more personal and that’s something to focus on.
I really like to write and to make blog posts every week. It’s nice that I can express my personal interests. I hope you like that to!

In the beginning of the summer holiday I told you that I’m not at the academy of fine arts anymore. That I didn’t pass. I had a great holiday and I have been thinking a lot about what I would do next. I decided that Jewels are really my passion and that I like to work with metals. I like to create and that will never go away!

So this year I registered for a course “Jeweler and goldsmith”
I’m following this at Syntra a school in Antwerp. It’s a course were you learn all about making jewels and all the techniques. It’s great!
I’m really learning a lot and I enjoy everything. It’s so different than the previous year and that’s good. There are nice people and there is a positive atmosphere, I like that.

Over a year I have to decide again what to do but now I’m enjoying what I’m doing.
I’ am also working on my jewellery bench so I can work at home. I am so excited!!
If it’s done I will show it you.

❀ Flo

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Some inspirational quotes from Pinterest

Pop – up shop by Studio Collect

There are a few cultural events that I want to see. For example exhibitions, shops and presentations. I like to see and absorb a lot. It gives me inspiration and I think it is fun and a nice way to learn.

This week I did two things, the first one was in the city of Antwerp. Studio Collect is a collective of 4 girls. I wrote about them earlier (check here)
They graduated at the academy of fine arts and that’s how I know them.

They just opened their first pop up shop. So I needed to go and take a look!
They participate in a project organized by the city, named “the new nation”
This project gives young people the chance to make a name and to experience how it is to run a small shop. It’s Great!

The work of Studio Collect is new and fresh. They make jewels for everyone and for a reasonable price. They have gold and silver coloured jewels. I like their work. If you are in the neighbourhood of “Nieuwe Gaanderij” in Antwerp, you should visit them!
They are open until the end of this month.

❀ Flo

DSC_0228DSC_0212 DSC_0213 DSC_0216 DSC_0219 DSC_0221


I took the pictures my self

Stardust bracelets by Swarovski

I think everybody heard about Swarovski jewels. It’s a famous brand that you can find in 120 countries! They work with crystal stones and with many nice cuts. They have jewellery for every woman and for every outfit.

Their newest items are the “Stardust bracelets”. I discovered the bracelets because my mother was given one from a friend for her birthday. Happy Birthday mum!

DSC_0188 DSC_0197

The key elements of this collection are the bright colours and the sparkle. They use crystals and mix different techniques. This is the gorgeous result, a tube bracelet filled with crystals. It’s sparkling and it’s great to combine!

The face of the collection is Miranda Kerr, she explains how it works and how she feels about it. If you like sparkling and beautiful jewels, this is something for you!

❀ Flo

campaign1 campaign4

pictures and movie from the official site