Happy Birthday

Today touchedbyjewels exists 1 year! Happy Birthday!!
A year ago I started touchedbyjewels because of my passion for jewels. It’s so amazing!
hope I can do this for a long time, that would be great. I love blogging and I hope you like it!

In a few days there will be an article with all my favourite jewels and my personal jewellery  for this occasion. I hope you enjoy it.




Inspiring books -The fist jewellery book I bought-


I while back I wrote about 2 of my favourite books. I thought why not do it again.
In the future I will more often share books that I read and that I find interesting.

I’ve read 2 books by Carol Woolton. “Fashion for Jewels” and “Drawing Jewels for Fashion.” The first one “ Fashion for Jewels” is about the history of the jewel related to fashion. This book shows you pieces from Tiffany, Cartier, … and other important designers today. Also icons like Lady Gaga, Michelle Ong and Princess Diana are discussed.

“Carol Woolton shows how the worlds of fashion and jewellery have become increasingly integrated over the last century “(from the book)


DSC_0118 DSC_0115

The second book “ Drawing Jewels for Fashion” Is about the drawing process of the jewel. We can take a look in to sketch books from some talented designers. The author explains the importance of a drawing. Every drawing reflects the style of the maker.



In these 2 books Carol Woolton guides you and shows here vision. “Fashion for Jewels” was the first book about jewellery I bought so it has a lot of value to me. I hope you like it!

❀ Flo

Hot spot •Vintage styled•

As you know I live in Antwerp. A while ago I was wandering the city with my sister.
We went to a little market. There was a lot of tasty food and handmade things like: jewels, purses, accessories, … It was so relaxing and so nice to see al of it. We bought enormous cookies wich we will never forget because they were so delicious.

10506822_760922423971191_2800056147254487501_o 10494349_760920557304711_3636544797300596367_o 10492952_760921617304605_6747651226119759645_o (Pictures are from the Facebook page)

We drank something in a coffee house called “ Lojola” It’s a vintage styled coffee house. I adore it! Pastel colours, flowers and big cosy chares. It’s really girly and they have amazing pie and thee. If you come to Antwerp, make a stop there!

Naamloos-2lojola2410355680_540772152694657_1720681687356182580_o 980044_511727512265788_436328666486977882_o-1 (pictures are from the Facebook page)


When we were walking we discovered this little shop. It’s at the ‘Grote Markt’.We almost didn’t see it. It’s the shop of Miriam De La Paz.
She is from Barcelona and makes her own jewels. Nature and colours are the key elements in her work. This shop is not that big and also vintage styled. You cannot only find jewellery there but also handmade gifts and second hand furniture.

10015036_687412244634624_916315163_n-494x49410527409_760641070645074_4295010895457178774_n15631_763258443716670_5100581674372438319_n     (pictures are from the Facebook page)

If you like to know more addresses in Antwerp pleas let me know!

❀ Flo

Inspiration board #7

Hey guys,

It’s a long time ago I wrote something, I know. I will make it up! The holidays are almost over and that means that there is a new school year a head of us!

I hope you all had a great time. I will start with some inspiring pictures. I found the first picture on the blog KittehsCupcakes.nl I love the necklace especially the shape.



❀ Flo

pictures are from pinterest

5 days of heaven – London #2

In my previous post I told you that I went on a 5 days city trip to London. This is the sequel. We went to Camden and than Brick Lane.


On our walk to Brick Lane we discovered the gallery SO. It was a surprise because we didn’t know it was there. The location was superb, a lot of light and a bright space. We got a tour from a friendly lady who explained us a lot about the jewellery and the sculptures.

DSC_0100 DSC_0136


Another great street is Cork Street. There are some classic jewellery shops. It was nice to see them all together.


20140710_115400 20140710_115438  IMG_4808

There we saw this man working in an atelier, next to it there was this beautiful shop. It was funny to see. I think it is a dream coming true to have such an atelier some day!

20140710_104115 IMG_479720140710_104135IMG_4790

Thursday evening we went to this amazing italian restaurant.


If you are in London you can’t miss the Food Markets. It’s so delicious to see and taste. I would recommend it to every one.

IMG_4993 IMG_4996 IMG_5003

We also did some other museums: Tate modern, Portret Gallery, the Summer Exhibition,  in the Victoria and Albert museum there was also this beautiful exhibition of wedding dresses.

I had a great time, I can’t wait to go back to London!

❀ Flo